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We aim at cleaning your car with the utmost efficacy. At Wax & Wipe, we understand the importance of car cleaning and the impact it has on your vehicle. We believe in offering informative car cleaning services taking into consideration the condition of your car. Our car cleaning systems include both interiors as well as exterior cleaning. We use the right combination of technological expertise and our years of experience to offer the best services for car cleaning in Sydney.
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A Leading Car Servicing Provider In Sydney

Wax & Wipe are one of the best car servicing and detailing companies in Sydney. We combine our passion for cars in our effective and sustainable business approach. Our teams of experts are highly trained and have an immense knowledge of car servicing and car detailing.
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Car Cleaning service
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Why choose Wax & Wipe?
Wax & Wipe is amongst the leading car cleaners in Sydney and nearby areas. We make sure that along with proper cleaning, your car is also appropriately disinfected and sanitised. Steam is said to be one of the most effective ways of killing viruses, bacteria and germs, and is the recommended method for COVID-19. Therefore, we use steam cleaning to sanitise your car’s interiors and seats to prevent further outbreaks, bringing a hospital cleaning approach right to your door.
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Working from home and had Wax & Wipe come and clean my car. Could not be happier with the result!! The convenience of them coming to your home is amazing and their waterless clean is better than I've had at other places who use water. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to have their car cleaned.


My car was in need of a good clean and tidy both inside and out so I engaged Wax & Wipe It was like a new car, unfortunately it rained the next day but the water just ran off after the wax and wipe Would recommend to all!


My car was so dirty from being on property and dirt roads, Daniel came and did a brilliant job with getting her back to white again! Daniel was quick with communications and was very professional in all aspects of the job! Thank you for a brilliant job!


What came across as a Facebook advertisement really made things easier for me. The car was cleaned with complete detailing and is now sparkly clean. Would definitely recommend it!!!

Car Washing Services

Disinfection Services for Cars

Are you looking to protect the health of you, your family and your employees? Do you want to eliminate the fear of germs and potential viruses that may be present in your vehicle? Our bio-clean disinfection package is right for you. We have two processes to ensure safety in your vehicle. Firstly, our high pressure steam is a hospital grade process to remove any germs, bacteria and viruses that may be within your car. Secondly, a highly effective biocidal cleaner (COVID approved) is applied to reduce any harm in your car.
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Why should I choose Wax & Wipe for car cleaning in Sydney?

Wax & Wipe are one of the leading companies offering professional car cleaning in Sydney and allied areas. We are known for our fine attention to detail and desire for perfection in a very job that we do. We offer competitively affordable car cleaning packages to our esteemed clients and patrons, that are environmentally friendly and great value for money.

How do I book an appointment for a car cleaning service?

To schedule, an appointment for car cleaning in Sydney contact us at our customer care number. Our customer care executive will guide you to book and schedule an appointment for the same.

Where will you do a car cleaning service for my car in Sydney?

We are a mobile car cleaning service. We come to wherever it is most convenient to have your car cleaned in Sydney. Whether you are at your home or office. Our cleaning services are performed with minimal products, and all the products that we use are ecofriendly and adhere to all Australian standards. Our service also uses a lot less water.

What kind of products do you use for car cleaning?

At Wax & Wipe, we give utmost attention to the quality and standard of products that we use for car cleaning in Sydney and other jobs. We make sure all the products used by us comply with all the Australian standards. We use environmentally friendly and nontoxic products for all our car cleaning services.

Do you provide car cleaning services to a luxury car?

Yes, we do provide our professional car cleaning service in Sydney for luxury cars. Our car experts are highly skilled and proficient. They are well aware of what to keep in mind when cleaning luxury cars. They handle your car with the utmost discretion and ensure it is cleaned optimally.

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