Looking after your car takes many forms including cleaning and maintenance. It doesn’t matter how much you use your car, the interior will get dirty. Therefore, regular cleaning is important to keep the inside of your car looking and smelling great. The seats can become a source of dirt, germs, and grime if left untouched.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it has never been more important to keep everything as clean as possible.

How to disinfect your car seats?
Read on to get the answer to this question and more.

Table of Contents
Why you should clean your car seats
Cleaning cloth seats
Cleaning leather seats
How to steam clean car seats
Drying car seats
Final thoughts
Why You Should Clean Your Car Seats
There are a lot of good reasons to clean your car seats. They include –

Helps the car smell better
Reduces the risk of the upholstery becoming discolored
If you have children, there is less chance of them picking up crumbs and possibly choking
Boosts the value of the car should you want to sell
Help reduce the risks of coronavirus
Later you can read about cleaning leather seats. Next, how to clean cloth seats.

Cleaning Cloth Seats
red car interior with cloth seats
The first thing you need to do is ensure the seats are free from crumbs or other bits. Use a vacuum cleaner or soft-bristled brush to clear any bits. If you are a pet owner there may be pet hair stuck in the seats. Free this using a pet hairbrush and you can then vacuum up the hair.

Now that the seats are free from crumbs and other bits, you can start cleaning.

First, get the upholstery cleaner and spray one area of the seat. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when doing this. Next, dampen the area, but make sure not to get it overly wet. Now that you have applied the upholstery spray and water, gently rub the area with a soft-bristled brush.

Once the solution has been applied for a few minutes you can now begin the next step. Get a clean microfibre cloth and rub the damp area to dry it off.

It is recommended to do small areas at a time to make sure one spot isn’t left longer than others. This is because water staining could occur if some parts are left longer than others. Cleaning small sections at a time also helps ensure the seat is thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning Leather Seats
The process for cleaning leather seats is similar to cleaning cloth seats. There are just a few differences which you can learn now.

Leather is much more delicate than cloth. It is important to take extra care during the cleaning process. The first step of vacuuming any crumbs is still needed but it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner with a plastic nozzle.

Another aspect of cleaning leather seats you need to be careful with is using the right type of cleaning spray. You need to get a leather upholstery cleaner, quite often this is a cream and not a spray or shampoo.

Once you have applied the leather upholstery cleaner, gently rub with a clean microfibre cloth until clean.

How To Steam Clean Car Seats
If you have access to a steam cleaner, then you can steam clean your car seats instead. For best results follow these steps before you start –

Make sure you have a steamer with a fabric steaming attachment
Vacuum thoroughly before cleaning
If there are any stains on the seats, treat them with the appropriate product before cleaning
Once you have prepped your car seats you can begin cleaning. The best order for steam cleaning is as follows –

Clean from top to bottom, this is so you can avoid kneeling on the damp seat while cleaning the top part
Try to avoid steaming any metal parts
Clean evenly by slowly moving the steamer in straight lines over the seat
Remove stains by gently scrubbing with the appropriate attachment
Finally, remove moisture by running a clean microfibre cloth over the steamed areas
Steam cleaning can be a great way to keep your car clean. Remember to use the correct attachments for each job. If you have leather seats, then be careful not to clean too often as the steam can be damaging to leather if used frequently.

Drying Car Seats

After car cleaning your seats, they should only be damp. All you need to do now is leave them to dry naturally. If it is safe to do so leave a window open as this helps prevent moisture building up in the car.

The best time to clean car seats is on a warm day and early in the morning. The warmth means it will dry quicker and if you clean them early enough you will be able to go for a drive that same day in your fresh-smelling car.

Final Thoughts
Cleaning car seats may seem like a chore. If you put it off though the seats will only get worse.

Follow the steps in this guide and your seats will look great, smell fantastic, and cleaning will be easier!