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Undoubtedly, car detailing is a great option to fully clean your beloved automobile without paying too much. But many people cannot take time out of their busy schedule to visit the nearest car detailing and washing service provider. And that is why nowadays, many companies are offering mobile car detailing services. In this, the cleaning crew of the company will visit your place instead of you going down to their shop. 

So, are you interested in such a service for your beloved car? You can take your car to one of the better mobile car detailing service providers. And one such car detailing and washing expert is Wax & Wipe in Sydney. So, don’t bother searching for the best mobile car detailing near me on the internet. Just visit our website today and book any of the packages as per your requirements. 

Why Come to Wax & Wipe in Sydney?

We are amongst the leading car cleaning companies not only in Sydney but throughout Australia. Our crew has provided exceptional detailing to hundreds of cars since we began our operations in Sydney. And every day, we receive lots of phone calls for our mobile car detailing services. 

So, why not book our services today and receive the following benefits for your beloved automobile. 

We Provide A Host Services 

Car detailing is a much better option than car washing. As there are lots of things involved in a car detailing which will completely remove all the stains and scratches off your vehicle. Wax & Wipe offers interior cleaning, exterior cleaning, complete car care, car seat cleaning with steam, etc. 

We also provide sanitisation and disinfection which is much needed due to the ongoing crisis of Covid-19 pandemic. So, you don’t have to waste your precious time looking for other mobile car detailing service providers. Wax & Wipe will take care of everything at the most reasonable price in Sydney. 

Expert at Mobile Car Detailing

Are you worried about the quality of mobile car detailing for your beloved vehicle? At Wax & Wipe, there’s no reason to be. As we have some of the best people when it comes to car detailing in our cleaning crew. They ensure that every activity such as sanitisation, cleaning, washing, filtration, etc. is done properly. 

Over the years, we have undertaken all sorts of car detailing & cleaning projects in Sydney and nearby areas. And thus, we have tremendous experience in providing reliable, efficient, and affordable mobile car detailing services. So, make sure to remember our name whenever you have to detail your beloved car in Sydney. Our expert crew will visit you. 

Benefits of Our Mobile Car Detailing 

At Wax & Wipe, we believe the quality of detailing should do all the talking. As we provide the finest in-store as well as mobile car detailing service in Sydney. Hundreds of customers across Sydney have given us positive feedback for our services. So, why not follow their footsteps and visit us today and get the following benefits.

  • We Restore Your Car’s Value: Car is a brilliant investment if it’s kept in an exceptionally good condition. Our mobile car detailing will restore the appearance and condition of your car which will help you to get a good resale price.
  • Convenient for Everybody: With Wax & Wipe mobile car detailing, you will experience the most convenient detailing and washing services in Sydney. You don’t have to visit our shop as our team will visit your house, office, or other places of your choice.
  • Choose from Many Packages: To suit every customer’s needs and budget, we have bundled various services in different packages. There is The Express, Value Pack, Interior Detail, Exterior Detail, The Deluxe and Resale mobile car detailing packages at Wax & Wipe. 
  • Much More Economical: Cost plays a significant role in any customer’s decision making when it comes to getting car detailing & cleaning services. At Wax & Wipe, we have set a reasonable price for every mobile car detailing services.

So, stop wasting your time searching for “mobile car detailing near me” and instead visit our website or call us at 0474 700 641 today.

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Wax & Wipe are one of the best car servicing and detailing companies in Sydney. We combine our passion for cars in our effective and sustainable business approach. Our teams of experts are highly trained and have an immense knowledge of car servicing and car detailing.
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Are you looking to protect the health of you, your family and your employees? Do you want to eliminate the fear of germs and potential viruses that may be present in your vehicle? Our bio-clean disinfection package is right for you. We have two processes to ensure safety in your vehicle. Firstly, our high pressure steam is a hospital grade process to remove any germs, bacteria and viruses that may be within your car. Secondly, a highly effective biocidal cleaner (COVID approved) is applied to reduce any harm in your car.
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