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The Top 7 Reasons Car Disinfection Is So Important
Buying a car is one of the most significant investments you might make in your life. Like any other investment you make, you must ensure that the car is fully protected and safe. There are different ways you can protect it including replacement of worn-out tires, regular check-ups, changing of oil regularly, carrying out instant repairs and others. Another great and easy option is disinfecting your car’s interior. This is a procedure that ensures that your car is safe to drive by eliminating germs and other toxins that might compromise its safety and quality. At times, you might feel as if you are wasting money and time in the process, but this is not the case. The benefits involved with steam cleaning surpass the money and time spent. So, why should you disinfect your car’s interior?
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Disinfection Services for Cars

Are you looking to protect the health of you, your family and your employees? Do you want to eliminate the fear of germs and potential viruses that may be present in your vehicle? Our bio-clean disinfection package is right for you. We have two processes to ensure safety in your vehicle. Firstly, our high pressure steam is a hospital grade process to remove any germs, bacteria and viruses that may be within your car. Secondly, a highly effective biocidal cleaner (COVID approved) is applied to reduce any harm in your car.
Improve safety
One of the most significant reasons you should disinfect the inside of your car is to improve safety. Here, it is not only the safety of yourself but also the safety of your passengers and other bystanders. This is most important at present, where Covid-19 has become a major health pandemic worldwide. As you drive your car, it is in your best interest that your car’s interior is free from germs, bacteria and viruses. It’s important to understand that most of this stimuli is invisible, making it difficult to justify your car is clean just because you regularly wash it.

It is important to invest in an appropriate disinfection, able to kill off all the toxins in our cars and make it 100% safe to drive. Note that leaving these germs to infest your car poses greater health challenges, which can be costly to treat. Disinfecting your car regularly not only promotes safety but also gives you peace of mind anytime you are driving.

To ensure that your car is adequately safe, it is suggested you prioritise your time on the high touch areas including gear selector, steering wheel, all handles, audio systems, arm rests and the touch displays. Steam cleaning is a highly recommended method for disinfecting your car’s interior, not only for its effectiveness, but also its inability to leave adverse smells and effects. Wearing disposable gloves and face masks is a great way to protect yourself during the process.

Promote the durability of your car

Disinfecting your car goes a long way in promoting its durability. There is more to disinfection than killing off the germs and bacteria. There are some minerals that may stick to your car parts, and may not be completely removed with a general car clean. It is important to keep in mind when applying steam disinfection not to allow the water and minerals to stay on the car’s interior surface for long as it can cause extreme damage. When you make it a habit to disinfect car interior and even the outside, you protect your car paint job from damages the minerals might cause. Therefore, disinfecting your car has long term benefits you should never ignore.

Enhance the value of your car

Are you planning to sell your car in the future? Maybe you just enjoy the luxury of driving a fresh new feeling car? If so, maintaining the condition of your car is a must. You need more than just a general car clean. High-temperatureremove this wordis a great way to maintain a superior look and condition of your car’s interior. There’s no doubt a potential buyer would prefer regular disinfection to the prospective car, considering the buyer would not want to buy a car that compromises their health and safety. The best advice is to keep the receipts of each car disinfectant you have used to show potential buyers as they inspect it.

How do you disinfect the car’s interior?

We have continuously discussed what steam disinfection is and its benefits, but how exactly do you steam clean your car’s interior. Of course, steam cleaning is a job you can do yourself. However, not all of us casually have a steamer just laying about handy. Remember, steam cleaning can reach up to 180 degrees Celsius. So the best way to avoid damaging your car is to not hold down the steam in one section for too long, even if you have bird poop or tree sap that doesn’t want to leave your car’s surface! Here are some tips on steam cleaning and disinfecting your car properly.

Focus on high touch areas

There are areas of your car you touch more frequently than others. These areas are more prone to contamination due to bacteria, germs and other organics. These more frequent areas are the steering wheel, screen buttons and panel, handbrake and dashboard. Targeting these more frequent areas with high temperature steam will ensure a safer environment in your car, killing off any germs and bacteria that may be laying around in the car’s interior.

Check the grey areas

The grey areas in our cars are the areas that we least expect any germs to be surfaced. This is where we are wrong! These areas include our windows glass, headrest, door handles and car key. They too, also need regular attention.

Disinfecting the HVAC unit

The HVAC system helps the circulation of air inside your car’s cabin. This section of your car is highly prone to germs. Given our current conditions, it is recommended this area of your car is disinfected regularly. Disinfecting your car’s air conditioning vents is achievable yourself, provided you have handy approved disinfection products or have a steam cleaning machine. Steam cleaning is recommended as you are able to really flush out all the junk sitting behind in the cabin compartment.

Effective disinfection car cleaning:

There are many options when it comes to disinfecting your car. In saying this, some disinfection methods are much more effective than others. Understanding which method is most effective is important given our current COVID-19 conditions. If you’re going for disinfecting products, make sure you use the EPA approved products. There is a misconception or misunderstanding at the moment with cleaning and disinfection to reduce the risk of contagion. The Centre for Disease Control and Safe Work Australia recommends a combination of general cleaning to remove the bacteria and germs, and disinfection cleaning to kill off the bacteria and germs.

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